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How to Avoid Shingles

RM Shingles


Shingles is something you either develop, or know someone who has had it in the past as 1 out of every 3 people will develop the virus. Most of us are aware that it can come from the chicken pox we had as a kid, but that’s kind of where we fall off not knowing for certain how it develops or how we can avoid getting it if possible.

Some Fast Facts about Shingles:

Shingles is caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus that lives in our bodies for many years after we have had the chicken pox. At any point it can decide to flare up and the result is the patient showing signs of shingles. The disease is mostly common in adults, with seniors of those over the age of 55 being the general shingles patient population. It is contagious, so check out the tips below on prevention, and if you haven’t had the chicken pox as a child, you may want to do some research and get the vaccine for it.

Shingles Prevention:

  • Get vaccinated if you are a “pro-shot” person and wish to not deal with this ailment as an adult
  • Steer clear of those who currently have shingles, as their blisters can be very contagious
  • Always keep those who are high risk away from others who have shingles such as pregnant women, the elderly, anyone with a weakened immune system, and anyone who hasn’t had the pox.
  • You can cover your shingles outbreak with bandages of some sort to aide in preventing spreading it to others.
  • Have a consultation with your medical team regarding your immunity level to see if you are at higher risk than others
  • Start taking colloidal silver as a part of your daily routine; it kills pathogens and has been known to cling onto viruses and prevent them from developing. It can be applied as a topical agent or taken orally
  • Proteolytic enzymes (protein enzymes) are another great way to boost your immunity and make it strong to avoid any viral contractions. They are known to breakdown viruses with ease and are the enzyme that the pancreas normally creates, which is always a good thing to make life easier on your much needed healthy pancreas. Take these as supplements and watch how little develop illness thereafter

Try experimenting with several forms of preventative measures to get the ball rolling if you feel you may be prone to developing shingles at some point, or if you are in close contact with someone that has it.