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Can I Cure My Shingles at Home?

RM Shingles


Technically speaking, you can aim to cure any type of ailment from your home on your own, but some illnesses we develop become so severe that we require professional medical practitioners to tend to our care. Shingles is a virus that is usually caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus, or basically that fun case of chicken pox that you survived through as kid coming back for round two.

Shingles packs a powerful punch, but there are hundreds of patients that opt to tend to their illness in the most natural form possible, and at their own homes versus seeing a doctor. Before I give you a slew of options to aim to heal your case of shingles, do note that there some complications that you can suffer from if you endure any advanced issues from your virus:

  • Pain from the shingles or blisters you may have developed can often last for weeks, some even have nerve damage that keeps it hurting for months after that initial bout with the illness.
  • Shingles commonly comes with a fever, and if yours gets too high it can be dangerous
  • Blisters forming in scary places, such as too close to your eyes or mouth

Otherwise, you can try your luck at healing your shingles virus from home by using any of these:

  1. Tend to your sores, blisters, and rashes early on to prevent scarring
  2. Try your best to avoid picking at your rash or blisters
  3. Use ice packs on painful rash areas- wrap them in small towels to avoid damaging any skin
  4. Cornstarch or baking soda has been known to dry out blisters or sores
  5. Topical creams such as calamine lotions that you can buy at any store can be helpful
  6. To avoid infection of any blisters or sores keep yourself very clean and dry
  7. Over the counter pain medications can be taken for the fever or pain
  8. Store bought allergy medicine can also help by decreasing the desire to scratch

Some other tips that are very important when home healing your shingles case is to rest as much as possible. Try to get outside for 20 minutes a day of you feel up to it by sitting outside not doing anything strenuous just getting the fresh air on your skin often feels very relaxing. Drink plenty of water also as your skin is going to be seeping every ounce of water up to avoid over drying the rash sights. If at any moment it becomes too much to handle, consult with your medical team.