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Can you be Healthy after Shingles?

RM Shingles


Have you recently been diagnosed with shingles and are waiting to see when you’ll be back to normal again? Try not to overthink the process as that alone can be damaging, instead work on your recovery and note that most are totally back to good health following a shingles outbreak.

Shingles is caused by the lovely chicken pox virus we had as kids that ends up going away, but that Varicella-Zoster virus hangs around in our systems for years and years. One random day it decides to flare up and viola, you have the shingles. It’s like chicken pox but in adult size. More scratching, more fatigue, more yucky you just want to go to bed and not get up for days feelings. The key is to seek treatment with a doctor sooner rather than later. There are anti-viral meds that your medical provider can issue to start healing the virus much faster than if you were to try to attack it head on yourself at home.

As far as good health is concerned after the shingles has passed through your body, there are two answers to this question: most resume normal activities shortly after the blisters and rashes have begun to subside without ever skipping a beat. Others however, tend to have a difficult time getting past the nerve sensations that can be attributed to the shingles virus. For instance, many report they have had pain and scarring on the skin where the rashes once were. There is medication your physician can prescribe to help with this nerve issue until hopefully, it subsides.

Some other complications from shingles that can occur are:

  • Vision loss- While not typical, it can happen. If you develop shingles around the eyes or inside the eye you can also obtain infections that have resulted in vision loss. Anytime you feel like you may be developing these in or around the eyes, go see your doctor or even an optometrist.
  • Infections of the skin are also possible following the shingles. This is why it is so imperative to resist tearing those blisters apart that drive you crazy. Opt for placing ice on them to calm the itching or take a milk bath.

Again, the aforementioned complications are not typical, but they can happen. The key to preventing any severe conditions following your outbreak is to consult with your doctor at once and configure a plan for a quick recovery.