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How to Help Someone with Shingles

RM Shingles


If you happen to have a loved one, neighbor, or coworker that is in desperate need of help curing their shingles outbreak, you have come to the right place. Shingles can be super exhausting and they will need a shoulder to rely on and help them get through this in a stress free environment.

  • Get the patient a quiet, relaxing place to recover. If they happen to have anyone in their home that may be considered high risk for them to be contaminated, look into letting them stay at your house or a friend’s home. Even a calm setting such as a clean, soft bed and maybe an old movie on television to distract them of their illness can mean the world.
  • Be prepared to be the supply nurse. Shingles requires a fair bit of supplies, from bandages to cover blisters, to calamine lotion, ice packs, allergy medicines, pain medications, and anything to keep them occupied such as reading material or movies to lounge around resting for a few days.
  • Ensuring that your patient is drinking lots of water is another natural and necessary means of healing faster from shingles. The rashes tend to pull water from the skin drying it out and patients can quickly become dehydrated.
  • If your patient has a fever that rises too quickly you will need to get them medical care immediately. Shingles does cause a fever usually, and most can be subdued by using over the counter fever reducers or merely placing a cold towel over your forehead to drop your temperature. If your fever raises to over 103 F or 40 C please seek medical attention as fevers can cause damage.
  • Encourage your patient not to pick apart their rash or break the skin open. I realize this is much easier said than done, but it can result in permanent scarring of the skin if you bust open those blisters.
  • Most importantly the shingles virus causes the patient to feel run down and tired, after all it is a virus running through your body. Urge them to sleep as much as possible, but cover any annoying patches of skin so that they don’t scratch and rip them open whilst asleep.