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Increased Demand In Shingles Shot Causes Nationwide Shortage


Increased Demand In Shingles Shot Causes Nationwide Shortage

If you have been looking to get the new shingles vaccine this year, and have reached out to your family doctor, there is a good chance you are stuck on a waiting list right now. That’s because the new shingles shot that hit the market in 2019, known as Shingrex, is very high in demand right now, as the company that manufactures the vaccine struggles to keep up with the need and requests for it.

According to WebMD, the new vaccine has a close to 50 percent increased effectiveness versus prior years, and with this enhanced rate, patients are reaching out to their physicians more and more about the shot. No one wants to get shingles, and with this vaccination, you have a good chance of avoiding the condition. It is highly recommended that those over the age of 60 who have had chickenpox get the shot, as singles is a reactivation of this virus, and should it create a rash along the nerve lines, this could create a real issue for individuals at risk.

The best way to avoid shingles is to get the vaccine. Earlier this year, Shingrex was said to have a 90 percent effective rate; far more comparable than the last shot which was only had a rate of 50 percent.

Sadly, while this new vaccine is far more effective than its predecessor, individuals are having a difficult time receiving it. There are those heading to their local pharmacies and being put on a waiting list. Reports have surfaced indicating that some of these waiting lists span from 100 to 400 individuals; all anxiously anticipating their time to finally get the vaccine, which is clearly in high demand.

Many wonder why it has been so heavily promoted, yet so hard to gain access to.

Early this year, the maker of Shingrex, GlaxoSmithKline, reported that more of the shots were on their way to pharmacies across the United States. As the vaccine was running low in supply, GSK stated this past January that it had increased the volume and frequencies of vaccine shipments, with shots being delivered twice a month. It seems to be an issue of demand, and not necessarily manufacturing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that individuals aged 50 and over get the shingles shot, which marks approximately 115 million people across America that would require it. Reports also indicate there are not only shortages of the vaccine being felt across the U.S., but in Mexico too.Medical experts are saying the best thing that a person who is looking to gain access to the shingles shot can do is ensure that their name is on a waiting list. There is also a Shingrex locator for customers who are curious on the closest pharmacy in their area that has access the shot; however, it does not indicate as to whether or not Shingrex is in stock. It is being advised to place a call before heading down for the vaccine, as the shot may not be available.

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