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Shingles Treatment Options

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Hopefully you have come to this article for research purposes and not seeking help for your own case of shingles, but if you do have the virus no need to worry as there are lots of resources to help you get better fast. Shingles is caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus that lives in all of us after you have had the chicken pox as a child. If you have not had the pox as a little one, speak to your medical team about possibly getting the vaccine for it as you may be one of the lucky ones who never develop either illness.

Do you know for certain that you have shingles to begin with? Typically, some can tell just by looking at the blisters or rashes that form on the skin, but there are cases of shingles that never develop any rashes. Any doctor’s office or lab can run your blood work and confirm that you do have it if need be.

Treatment Options:

  • It normally clears up anywhere from one week to a few weeks. Do note that there have been cases where the shingles patient suffered from pain in the form of nerve damage where the rashes were once present well after the virus was eliminated. You can opt for natural methods of treating it such as eating certain foods or taking holistic medications, or you can go with the over the counter medication process and try resting up at home.
  • Pain relief is going to be the biggest piece of the recovery puzzle for the patient. You can use prescription level medications if you have seen a physician, or you can grab something form your local drug store. Don’t overdo it as these types of pills have a way of ruining your liver and making your stomach upset so please only take the recommended dosage.
  • Anti-viral meds can also greatly help your illness. It’s generally issued within the first three days of a shingles outbreak from your doctor and the sooner you begin taking it, the sooner you can start feeling some form of relief. Nerve blocking meds can also do the trick and slow down the pain you feel.
  • Steroids of all sorts can also be prescribed to decrease the swelling and pain the patient is feeling.

You can opt to get no treatment for your shingles and try to cure it naturally at home, but usually the intensity of the itching and the pain sends most to their medical provider’s office. Watch out for spiking fevers and try your best to resist picking apart the rashes.