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What is Shingles?

RM Shingles


Shingles is a dreadful illness that occurs in 1 out of every 3 people in America at some point. It causes the easily identified rash that so many are familiar with, and can be rather painful. Shingles is annoying, but not life threatening in most cases. Some key things to consider is to get to your doctor quickly if your rash spreads to your eye, if you happen to be over the age of 70, or if you are a patient that already has a weakened immune system.

Common symptoms of shingles are rashes, the rash area can be painful, and obviously a fever can also develop. Many can be sensitive to light, have a headache, and also it is common to obtain blisters that can pop fluid. Fatigue can often be the biggest trigger when trying to identify your shingles outbreak as it typically wears you out for days.

Testing for shingles to get an accurate diagnosis is rather simple as most doctors know the minute they see a shingles rash what it is, but if they feel they need more details to be totally conclusive they can order a herpes test or take cells from the rash sight and send them to a lab. Treatment for shingles requires very little, it’s basically prescription pain medications to help the patient cope with the painful blisters that the rashes can bring, and sometimes they can also be prescribed anti-viral medications.

Shingles can be contagious and also challenging for pregnant women or those who have immunity issues to begin with, so do be certain that if you have been diagnosed with shingles that you steer clear of infecting anyone else with the ailment. You can use creams that you can purchase over the counter to help combat the itching sensation, and use ice packs covered in towels or washcloths to help take the sting away. Always try to get plenty of rest when recovering from your rash outbreak, and take something as needed to bring down any dangerous fevers. Get to the hospital if any point your blisters start bleeding a lot, or if your fever begins to rise and you can’t seem to get it down at home.