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I Think I Might Have Shingles

RM Shingles


Have you been scratching your skin apart for days? Have a fever and have no idea why? Are you noticing weird blisters or rashes starting to appear on your skin? You may have the shingles virus! Take a peek at this checklist and see if this sounds like what you are experiencing:

  • Fevers- A fever medically speaking is anything over 100.4F or38C. If at any point your fever reaches to 103F or higher, get to an emergency room or call your doctor immediately. Often we have the ability to being down our fevers at home with fever reducing medications or just with a cold rag over our heads, but if your fever isn’t dropping for hours you need medical attention immediately.
  • Rashes- The shingles virus has an all too common rash that develops giving the patient a pretty telltale sign that something is going on inside. Doctors usually only need to look at the rash and they can tell immediately if it is shingles.
  • Blisters- These annoying lumps can appear all over your body during a shingles outbreak, and can be painful as they are usually filled with fluid. Try icing them or use bandages to cover over them so that you do not have the impeding urge to scratch them open as this can cause skin scarring for years to come.
  • Fatigue- Being tired comes and goes for us during any given day, but the fatigue that accompanies a shingles virus can be overwhelming. It will require you to lay down and get some rest, and this is the best thing you can do to start the healing process.

Headaches are also common with shingles, so getting some pain relievers into your system sooner than later can be of the utmost importance in coping with this illness. You don’t have to see a doctor if you are suffering from the virus, but it is recommended seeing that you will heal faster if you take anti-viral meds and have an professional presiding over your care at this time. You can also pop into the emergency room if at any point your virus becomes totally unbearable, they are used to seeing and diagnosing shingles, and will provide you with strict directions to avoid infecting anyone else with the virus.