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Top 5 Things to do When Living with Shingles

RM Shingles


Shingles is a dreadful virus that can make you feel the effects of it for weeks if left untreated. Do your best to seek medical attention for it upon the first sight of the outbreak to get any anti-viral meds you can into your system and start breaking down the illness.

  1. Get to a doctor. Yes, you can try to cure anything from home, but this can cause serious issues with your skin permanently if not taken care of correctly. Do as your medical provider instructs and always try to stay hydrated when taking any prescription medications as they can make you feel tired or upset your stomach with ease.
  2. Get something that decreases the urge the itch your skin if the rashes are starting to drive you crazy. Anything from over the counter steroid creams, to calamine lotions, to allergy medications can start attacking the rash areas and bring you some form of relief.
  3. Rest, and rest often! This is a virus traveling through your body, it is going to make you tired beyond belief. The more sleep you get, the faster you will heal and the less time you’ll have to endure being awake trying not to scratch.
  4. Try using therapeutic methods to help you relax during your shingles outbreak such as taking warm baths, sitting outside in the fresh air for short periods of time, or even taking a walk if you feel up to it. Being outdoors gives your irritated skin a moment to breathe, and taking in the stroll in the sunshine can often lift your spirits which is usually needed when you’re sick.
  5. Don’t be an infected person spreading this lovely illness to those you care about. If you know for certain you have shingles please avoid anyone pregnant, nursing, the elderly, children, infants, and anyone that has any immunity issues to begin with (cancer patient) as they can get the illness from you rather quickly.

Shingles can come and go for some and linger on for others, it usually depends of how healthy you were prior to the virus kicking into your system. Try to rest, relax, and take a week off from your busy life to get better. If after a week or two you still feel terribly sick, speak with your family care doctor to see if there are any other medications you can take to get it over with faster.