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Will I Develop The Shingles Virus After Getting The Shot?

RM Shingles

In 2019 there are millions of people very weary of getting immunizations for themselves and also their children, with all of the hype behind what potential damage can be caused by just a single vaccination. Take the measles, mumps, and rubella shot for instance that has become rumored to be linked to children developing various cases of autism. If you thought even in the slightest chance that your little one could develop a serious disorder such as autism, would you chance it by getting them vaccinated? 

This is the struggle that so many parents have when faced with making the decision on whether or not to immunize their sons or daughters. The same thought process can be applied to shingles when considering the shot as an adult. It’s similar to the domino effect that happens when people go for their annual flu shot and end up developing the flu shortly thereafter. There are now cases of those that have been diagnosed with shingles after being vaccinated, and this has many steering clear of protecting themselves from the virus as they simply do not want to develop the illness.

According to experts from the Register Herald, there are two shingles vaccines available in the states that are advised by doctors for those who are over the age of 60 years old. The immunization isn’t intended on being full proof as it can just decrease the severity of your symptoms should you develop the virus at a later time. For those that have been diagnosed with the virus after being administered the shot, medical experts say that is purely coincidental and should not be a reason to warrant not protecting yourself from the virus.

If you start to feel pain that seems to be coming from under the skin, or a rash that you are unfamiliar with, please get to your doctor at once to avoid further damage if it is shingles.